We give free musical theater supplies to kids

Save The Musicals is a social justice initiative giving needed musical theater supplies to public schools free of charge. We currently award grants to 14 Elementary Schools in Colorado.

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Our musicals are free to public school students, so we can reach as many children as possible. Through our free grant programs, students are:

  • Excited by their performances and thrilled to participate in an authentic operetta written just for them,
  • Enthralled in experiencing genuine theater and absorbed in the show,
  • Stimulated and challenged by learning and playing on a real stage, and
  • Astonished by the wonder of a live audience and the spectacle of musical theater.

Will you join us today so that every student can have a genuine musical theater experience?

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Shows & Events

All shows and events are open to the public. We showcase some of the finest local talent with live music performances, sing along together to Broadway classics, and offer everyone a chance to perform on stage.

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Help bring musical theater to every child

Every child deserves their own musical theater experience. Our musicals educate, inspire, and delight public school students at no charge to schools.

Please, will you make sure no child misses out on their own musical?

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